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Information Elections 2011

Municipal Elections will be held on Saturday, November 19th, 2011.  Our Elections section aims to give you information about how to vote and who is standing.  If you want to have a voice - vote!

The Citizen Voice Project recently sent a questionnaire to all candidates and have kindly shared the responses with us. Here they are.

Questionnaires were first sent out on Oct 18 and a reminder sent Oct 25. Mr Barnes , who does not own a computer, was mailed a copy of the questions. We did not receive responses from candidates Barnes and Easterbrook.

P - People, Planning & Process are the foundation of our Village.  I believe it is really important to involve all the people in planning. Planning that is not just the minimum required by law but involvement from the very beginning. Whether it is planning our parks or cultural policy or the rules (the process) by which the Village operates, each of us, you and me, need to have our voices heard.

I believe it is really important to hear the people’s voice in all aspects of the planning of our Village.

I am running in this election to ensure that Cumberland has a community representative on the Board of Trustee for School District 71. Having six years experience as a School Trustee, three of which were as the Board Chair, this places me in a position of understanding of both our local school system and Provincial legislation regarding public education.

It is important that decisions made at the Board table are sound and benefit all the students of this school district. Financial accountability is critical with a budget of $65 million plus we must ensure that funding is effective and efficiently used to support student achievement.

My name is Leona Castle and I am seeking a seat on the Cumberland Council this coming election, 2011. I have lived in the Comox Valley all of my life and have been a resident of Cumberland for over 27 years.

Aside from owning and operating a small business in Cumberland called Babes Cafe, I was also a councillor in Cumberland from 2003-2005. During this time I co-authored Cumberland's latest version of the Official Community Plan (OCP) which was held in high esteem among all levels of government. We were ahead of our time.

Hello my name is Bruce Barnes. I have filed nomination papers with the Village of Cumberland for the position of Councilor.

I served ten years in the Royal Canadian Air Force before returning to civilian life.

I moved to Cumberland with my family in 1970. The need to raise my children in a stable community allowing them to attend schools and be involved in many sports activities. As well as giving them the opportunity to have a place they could call home.

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