Cumberland Matters is your source of information about the future of the Village of Cumberland.  Twenty years form now, Cumberland will be a very different place. What that place looks, like, how liveable it is and how it matches the vision of all of us who live here depends upon decisions taken today and in the months and years to come.

Making good decisions requires good information. Cumberland Matters aims to provide both factual information and opinion so that we, the citizens of Cumberland, can be better informed and feel ready to express their views at community forums, council hearings and the ballot box.

Reporting, Opinions and Information

It's important to be able to separate reporting - what happened - from opinions - what we think about it.  On this site we try to do that.  No reporting can be unbiased, but we would like to report on things as they are.  Opinion is marked as such, and we hope for a range of views from a broader set of contributors.  Information is more of a 'data store' for documents and other data that can be used to support reporting and opinion.

Elections in November 2011

The forthcoming elections are a chance for citizens to place informed votes that will steer the future of the Village.  If information is more available, those votes can be better informed; this is what we would like to see.  A Village can never be, should never be, a place where we all think and feel the same, but a place where different opinions can be expressed and respected as the community reacts to the opportunities and problems that the future will throw at us.


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